#Lewesontheroad trailer build

24 - November - 2017

The Lewes Road Trailer arrived at Lewes Road HQ in the early hours of the morning in April 2017. I found it online and managed to somehow convince Tasha that we could use it as our market trailer. Having driven it home from Birmingham with blue tac and tape holding the lighting wiring in place, it was time to get to work.

We removed the bed frame and camping cooker and stripped the whole trailer back to its bare shell. After a day pealing off travel stickers with an old hairdryer, we found that the body was in really good condition, with very little rust or damage, particularly impressive given it's age.

Cutting a 4 foot whole in the side of the trailer to make space for the doors and counter top was extremely nerve racking.

We then set about sanding the body down, filling any cracks or dents ready for our new paint. Having built a makeshift outdoor paint booth, from an old tarpaulin tied around two trees and two trailers, we set about giving our trailer a new look!

We went to our local DIY shop and drove home with wood sticking out of our car in every direction, ready to construct the doors, counter top and flooring. We added some personal touches to make it our own.

The trailer embodies our ethos of 'reusing what is already there', as well as running on eco-friendly solar power. It's 'handmade' feel and British background emphasises our business ethos. For all of the problems, cut fingers and empty pockets its caused, its still the best trailer in the world!