Our Promise

One of the fundamental foundations, when we started Lewes Road, was to ensure that fashion never compromised our ecological footprint, and we promise to always stand by that philosophy.


We noticed that the alternative to traditional leather bags were mostly created using faux leathers/plastics. Our material is neither of these, offering the high quality of leather with a much smaller environmental footprint. Our main material is broken down as follows:

  • 70% Leather
  • 30% Polyester

The leather and polyester are both made up of cut offs from their respective industries, which would otherwise be seen as waste. We believe that using what is unwanted from these industries is in fact more environmentally friendly than manufacturing and transporting a new material. Why create something new if there is already something there, right?

We haven't stopped there though, we've used recycled and sustainable materials at every stage of the process.

We use:

  • 100% Recycled Cotton Lining & Dust Bags
  • 100% Climate Neutral T shirts
  • 100% Recycled labels
  • Acid Free Tissue Paper & Stamp Ink
  • Maximised In House Construction to Reduce Transport Environmental Impacts