Dave Erasmus

YouTube: DaveErasmus
Website: corcova.do
Twitter: @daveerasmus
Instagram: @daveerasmus1


Our day with Dave

6 - February - 2018

We had the pleasure of taking the Lewes Road trailer down to the beautiful woods of West Sussex that YouTuber Dave Erasmus calls his home.

Dave has spent the past year living in the depths of the woods in a small shepherds hut, reconnecting himself with the natural world. Named Corcovado, this project aimed to readjust his outlook on life and help others, through weekly videos, "to see what they may have been missing". 

Having seen through all four seasons, creating a film, handbook and touring the country, he is ready to start the next chapter. Corcovado V2. Dave has recently acquired a cottage in the same woodland which he aims to make largely self sufficient and create into a social space where others can retreat to reconnect.

Dave kindly invited us down to the woods to talk creatively about ours and his future plans. We realised that despite our differing situations, many of our philosophies and goals are the same. We discussed the issues of being less wasteful, travelling more and reminding ourselves of the environment we live in. As Dave says "how can I be kind to my future self?".

We highly recommend that you check out his inspiring film "Once Around the Sun" which documents his entire journey in the woods (and has an amazing selection of music!).

Alternatively you can check out our day with Dave on his YouTube channel here.

Lastly we would like to say a massive thank you to Dave and Josh for having us at Brenda's Cottage, you guys have inspired us!

Tasha & Ollie