Love & Care

We would hope that our bags will come on all of your adventures for the foreseeable future. But we want it to look as great when you take it away for that weekend in Paris in a few years time as it does the day it arrives through the post!

Leather care
Remove any loose soiling with a lint free cloth, and wipe your bag with a wet sponge and a neutral soap solution regularly to erase any markings. After cleaning, wipe the bag with a damp clean cloth for optimum results. Never machine wash or tumble dry. We do not recommend the use of leather care products. It's durable outer coating should prevent most unwanted travel souvenirs from hanging around...

Dust Bag care
Do not machine wash or tumble dry. Recycled material is very sensitive. Use a damp cloth with a neutral soap solution to wash any marks, avoiding the ink stamp, and leave to dry.

If you have any queries as to the care of your Lewes Road product please do not hesitate to contact us.